a serial entrepreneur, speaker, social advocate and real estate mogul. 

I'm Carry,


"I couldn't picture a path, so I


created my own.


After the devastating killing of my cousin, George “Perry'' Floyd, my passion for the community was sparked. I served as a founding member and Executive Director of The George Floyd Memorial Foundation, Inc. to honor his legacy.

For the past few years, I’ve been helping families buy and sell their homes, and educating others how to do the same. I’ve lived a life that shows you can do any and everything. I’ve been honored at the 45th NAACP Image Awards with the Hometown Champion award for making an impact within my community of Charlotte, North Carolina. I went from veteran to salon owner to non-profit organizer to real estate agent and broker.

The loss of my mother inspired me to launch Tower of Strength Youth and Family Services that aided in the betterment of my people. It’s one of my proudest moments. For many years I worked in the nonprofit sector serving military service member & their families. 


In my past, I never had anyone I felt I could look up to. I couldn’t picture a path, so I created my own. It was a different story before I became the wife, mother and badass you see today. After joining the military at 17, few years later I was deployed to Iraq. I had come home and needed to find a way to help those around me, unexpectedly I became pregnant which was a pivotal moment in my life. 

Single motherhood was one of the toughest hoods I’ve had to navigate. One that forced me to find strength I never knew existed and the motivation behind the woman I am today. 

In the midst of my 8 years in the military, I got my first taste of entrepreneurship when I opened my own salon before the age of 24. Even though I loved owning a business, I still had a love for serving my community. 

Standing up
for George



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"My biggest struggle was patiently waiting for things to come to pass while making the necessary steps towards a goal. I tried skipping steps, thinking it would make things go faster. It felt so far away. I understand the real estate process now, and am committed to it. I know what type of property I want to buy first. Carry sees everyone in their own light. I have more clarity for life in general, and being more realistic with my process and being at peace with it.”

No one person is the same, and CARRY will work with you where you are.